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Capitec Credit Plans

Capitec Bank is known for low interest rates when it comes to Credit and Banking fees in South Africa, Capitec Bank Credits Plans include Personal Loans and Multi Loan.


You Get up to R230 000 cash over 2 – 84 months with a Capitect Bank Loan.

  • Apply in branch – approved in minutes, cash available immediately
  • Apply online – we’ll get in touch and once approved, cash will be available immediately
  • Amount based on your credit profile and affordability
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • Consolidate all your existing loans for easier monthly repayments

Capitec Credit Plans Free retrenchment and death cover.

  • For loans 6 months and longer, your outstanding balance will be paid in full
  • If you’re retrenched when the loan is less than 3 months old, 50% of your loan will be covered
  • We pay for this cover and the money will be paid to us to settle your outstanding debt

Multi Loan

Apply Below

A monthly loan for your daily needs or emergencies, reviewed every 12 months at a branch.

  • Get up to R4 000 in minutes, any time or place
  • Transfer money to your transaction/savings account using our ATMsMobile Banking or Internet Banking
  • Interest and fees only charged on money transferred
  • Repayable in full each month
Capitec Credit Plans
Capitec Credit Plans

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